Welcome to Theale Show!

Theale Show 2021 - Saturday 4 September starting at 2:30pm

For those of us lucky enough to have some outdoor space, and have had the opportunity over lockdown to spend some time nurturing and growing things, this is your chance to take on the local big guns with your prize veg and flowers in the Competition at the Theale Show on Saturday 4th September.

As well as a comprehensive schedule for all things grown, there’s a whole host of categories for all things homemade, be it cider, cakes or handicrafts. (We’re expecting to be overwhelmed with sourdough bread!).  There’s also loads of craft categories for children so it's worth picking up the schedule before the summer holidays start so you have something up your sleeve for those rainy days indoors. And as an incentive, as well as the kudos of a Theale Show Certificate,  there’s cash prizes for the winners! 

We’re also planning a bit of a party in the evening, with some foot stomping country blues live music courtesy of the Clay Bottom Jug Busters, food stalls (including real Mexican food!)and The Green Man Bar

So put the date, Saturday 4th September, in your diary, now!

Download a temporary Competition Schedule from here, or you can pick up a printed version from July from most Wedmore shops.  You'll be able to register your Entries to the Competition online from 1st August,  or you can use a paper Entry Form that will be available from July in local Shops anytime before that. Or just come along to our 2 Entry Evenings 7-9pm in Theale Village Hall, Wednesday 1st September & Thursday 2nd September for those last minute entries!





Our Spring Virtual Show winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our fun Spring Virtual Competition - they were all lovely entries!  Here are the winners of each Class which had entries (you can click on the photo thumbnail for a larger image):

(some Classes did not receive any entries and so do not appear).  and thank you to our Judges who didn't have much time to choose!

Children & Young People age 10-13

  • Overall winner of a £10 Amazon voucher: Jessica Baker
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view full size)
12 A picture of a Winter or Spring scene in any medium 1 Charlie Johnson  
13 Photograph of "Nature in Spring" 1 Jessica Baker  
    2 Charlie Johnson  




















Young People age 14 - 18

  • Overall winner of a £10 Amazon Voucher: Owen Johnson
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view)
14 Photograph of "My lockdown" 1 Owen Johnson  
    2 Maisie Baker  















Open Classes - Handicrafts

  • Overall winner of a £10 spending voucher (Amazon or Nethercott Nurseries): Sally Seviour
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view)
15 Homemade greetings card 1 Sally Seviour  
    2 Jacqui Redman  
    3 Di Skeer  
16 Something you’ve made during ‘lockdown’ by sewing 1 Sally Seviour  
    2 Di Skeer  
17 Something you’ve made during ‘lockdown’ in knitting 1 Buffy Rabbitts  
18 Something you’ve made during ‘lockdown’ in any other medium 1 Nandin Landers  
    2 Di Skeer  
    3 Dave Bodley  



























































Flowers /Plants

  • Overall winner of a £10 spending voucher (Amazon or Nethercott Nurseries): Alison Uren (Class 25)
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view)
22 A cactus or succulent 1 Alison Uren  
    2 Tony Rewston  
23 A tub or pot of flowering plant or shrub, in situ, in your garden 1 Lesley Luke  
    2 Tony Rewston  
    3 Dave Bodley  
24 A container of spring flowers, in situ, in your garden 1 Sheila Badman  
    2 Anne Blandford  
    3 Tony Rewston  
25 A border of spring flowers, plants and foliage, in your garden 1 Alison Uren  
    2 Dave Bodley  


Open classes - "In your garden"

  • Overall winner of a £10 spending voucher (Amazon or Nethercott Nurseries): Anne Blandford (Class 27) 
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view)
26 Any vegetable you have grown this winter or spring 1 Dave Bodley  
27 Any flowering tree, in blossom in your garden 1 Anne Blandford  
    2 Dave Bodley  
    3 Marie Johnson  


Open classes - Photography

  • Overall winner of a £10 spending voucher (Amazon or Nethercott Nurseries): Paul Seviour (Class 28)
Class Class Name Place Winner Photo (click to view)
28 Photograph of any wild flowers or wildlife in your house or garden 1 Paul Seviour  
    2 Sally Seviour  
    3 Buffy Rabbitts  
29 Photograph taken from height of a local scene or view 1 Ken Graham  
    2 Owen Johnson  
    3 David Reed  
30 Photograph of any local building in black & white, sepia or grey scale 1 Sally Seviour  
    2 Tony Rewston  
    3 Dave Bodley  
31 Photograph of a panoramic view from my favourite walk 1 Sian Landers
    2 Louisa Lloyd-Jones
    3 Owen Johnson


Thank you to all our competitors for their time & trouble in creating and posting their entries.  Look forward to seeing you all FOR REAL on 4th September at Theale Show !



Looking forward to 2021 !

We plan to hold our annual Show on 4th September 2021 in and around Theale,  but we'll see what happens nearer the time!  But reserve the date now and start creating or growing your entries....

As we had great success with our "virtual" Show last September,  we plan another one in 2021 on Saturday 17th April 2021.  If we can,  we'll make this a social event too in Theale Village Hall.  Come back here for more details!

The Show is always looking for additional help and supporters so email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more!

Thank you for all your support over the last year and look forward to seeing you sometime during 2021, hopefully face to face!