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Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Monday 31st July 2017

Present : Carolyn and Pete Drew, Lesley and David Luke ,  Nick and Jan Avery,  Mary Clark, Phil and Cathy Butterworth, Yvonne Hutchison, Sheila Badman, Sharon Tucker, Trev and Joyce Hunt and Jackie Scriven

Apologies:   Edwin Badman, Mary and Ted  Hatch and Dave Tucker






Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting were agreed and accepted by the committee and signed by Carolyn Drew.



Matters arising-  All will be covered during the meeting




Treasurer's update 

Yvonne reported that she had received 5 sponsor prizes so far. The Halliwells have paid £100 for the use of our tent. £54.50 was taken on the pottery day. A cheque for £95 has been sent for payment of the schedules.

An invoice for the hire of the tent/tables has been received to be paid  a week before the show -£1701.60 less the deposit, which includes damage waiver, delivery and VAT.

£242 was taken for raffle tickets at the Wedmore street fair.

The bank balances are as follows:-

 General Acc. £5226.73

Reserve Acc. £6046.03






Sub committee and ad hoc committee updates:

a)      Social and catering Lesley L was happy to report that the Quiz night raised just over£200 when combining ticket takings less expenses (£152.73) and bar takings less expenses (£61). (Some stock from the bar will be carried over to the show)

The pottery event had 18 children attending and approximately £50 was raised, Jan Tomes kindly donated the materials as well as her time.

Unfortunately, due to lack of support, the flower arranging/coffee morning had to be cancelled.

b)      Admin- Cathy Butterworth reported that schedules had been printed and distributed.

Letters requesting cups to be returned have been sent out.

              Committee has previously discussed

              refurbishing or replacing cups and it was

              suggested that last year's winners

              return their cups earlier to enable this

              to happen.

              C B has spoken to a company at

              Rooksbridge re replating cups and they

              Quoted between £75 and £100 or new

              cups for approx.£75 with solid silver

              cups costing around £1000. The original

             donors of the cups would have to be

             consulted if they are to be replaced. CB

             suggested 2 possibilities 1) To do 2 or

             3 a year after inspection or 2) nothing

             to be done before show and all

             winners to be asked to leave cups on the

             day rather than take them away in order

             to assess and value them. After some

             discussion Trev Hunt proposed that the

             second action be taken and PB


             There had been a query about the

             Photograph classes which CB has dealt


             CB explained that a decision will be

             made by 15th August as to whether or

             not to have a back up computer system

             on show day.

             It has been decided to give the judges

             Cards for their comments on the proviso

             that they only write something if they

             Think it necessary and use sparingly.

              CB asked NA if he could let her know

              which were cash and which gifts, to

              which NA explained that most were

              cash although JA pointed out that the

              Nursery donations would be gifts.



2017 Show

a)      PAT test PB explained that due to an accident the usual tester is not available so PB is using another contact and it will be done before the show although in fact most equipment was up to date with testing. However the armoured cabling is in poor condition and needs to be replaced at a cost of approx. £75 which was agreed

b)      Catering LL first asked the committee if they had any suggestions or comments to make for the forthcoming show and all agreed that they were happy at how things had been done in the past. Meat is to be ordered again from Hectors. LL has spoken to Carrie Large and she is happy to make a rice salad. In addition JA will make a bean salad, SB a Waldorf and JH Coleslaw. LL has decided to buy potato salad from Lidl.

Teas Yvonne will make scones and CB volunteered a gluten free cake.

Colin Fox is happy to run the evening BBQ including purchasing all necessary food etc. He will need to have the BBQ set up.

c)      Dog show CD's nephew Oliver Patten is happy to run the dog show. 10 classes was suggested to run between 2.30 and 4.00. OP has a horse box, will also need a gazebo and NA asked if they need  a ring but CD thought that he is able to provide himself. OP will let us know what prizes he needs, NA explained that the Vets who have done it in the past usually just provide a rosette and a doggy toy as prizes.

d)      Children's activities LL has spoken to Carrie Large who has asked if we can help find people to assist. There was a young mum at the pottery event and we will try to find out who she is via Amy Drew who seemed to know her so that we can approach her to see if she might be interested in helping and also  it was suggested that Karen Dawkins might be willing to help. If anyone knows of any possible additional helpers please get in touch with LL.

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