Welcome to Theale Show!


15th November 2021, 8.00pm at Theale Village Hall

Present: Bill Woodroffe, Phillip Butterworth, Cathy Butterworth, Jackie Scriven, Yvonne Hutchinson, David & Lesley Luke, Sheila Badman, Anthony Lamb, Andy , Shaun Thorogood, Cathy Woodroffe, Louisa Lloyd-Jones.

Apologies: Stuart Danning, Julia Skinner, Janet & Nick Avery

1. Welcome by the current Chair and apologies for absence.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2020 “Zoom” AGM - approved unanimously

3. Election (or confirmation) of officers:

1. Chair and Vice Chair
Bill Woodroffe as Chair and Stuart Danning as Vice Chair agreed to carry on. Duly proposed and seconded. No other nominations received.

2. Treasurer
Yvonne Hutchinson & David Luke Kindly agreed to continue as Joint Treasurers. Duly proposed and seconded. No other nominations received.

3. Minutes Secretaries
Sheila Badman stepped down and Cathy Woodroffe offered to take on the role. Duly proposed and seconded. No other nominations received.

4. Social Secretary
It was agreed that an ad hoc committee including Lesley Luke, Clare Ham and Cathy Butterworth continue to plan social events.

5. Show Secretary
Cathy Butterworth kindly agreed to continue. Phillip Butterworth and Shaun Thorogood agreed to help. Duly proposed and seconded. No other nominations received.

4. Treasurer’s Report
Show day made a loss of £1,759.56. Main contributing factors to this was the road crossing ( previously paid by an anonymous donor) and the extra cost of the evening entertainment. Despite this, it was felt the show went really well and there were lots of ideas as to how to reduce this loss in future years - including cost of entry for the day, and charging separately for the evening entertainment, increasing cost of drinks from the bar, charging more for food stalls, rethinking the evening road crossing requirement. 

  • £100 each was given to Village Hall and Church for the usage as agreed in previous years. 
  • £780 donations from the Patrons.
  • £140 still outstanding from the Medical staff.
  • End of the year general accounts showed a £1200 loss, partly due to the fact there were no social events during the previous year because of COVID.  Accounts available on request from the Treasurer
  • The accounts were approved by the committee.

5. Show Secretary’s Report

Weather was great and people came from Theale, Wedmore and beyond. The 2019 show had 464 entries and this year it was 333. This was a positive number as people were still nervous of social occasions and there were still Covid restrictions in place. Handicraft classes were well supported.  Jan Tomes was thanked for providing the children’s pottery session. The taking of entries before the show worked well especially those done online now 53%. All went well! The new Mary Clark
cup Best In Show was won by Trevor Prideaux. Cathy thanked her team and the judges. The Virtual Show on 17th April had 31 classes and attracted 62 entries.

6. Chairman’s Report

Bill Woodroffe thanked the committee members and all those who helped before, during and after
the event:

  • Teas: Lesley, Yvonne and Mary 
  • Lunch: Clare and Lesley 
  • Big thank you for Phil and Cathy Butterworth (big round of applause!) 
  • Sheila - Tombola 
  • Stuart Danning for helping throughout 

Bill wanted to thank all the following people who are not committee members.

  • Dave & Anne Bodley for the loan of the orchard 
  • Ken for cutting the grass 
  • The Badmans for the loan of the field for parking 
  • Jane & Shirley for helping with the teas 
  • Harry & Angela, Chris & Dave Whitmarsh, Tony Rewston, Jackie Redman & Lesley Chir who helped Cathy B. 
  • Jean Tincknell for the flower arranging
  • Sandy & Chris Booth and Emily Simms who put on the dog show
  • Shaun Thorogood, Gary Gleeson, Dave Reed, Sam & Toby for putting on the bar
  • Andy & Anthony who helped set up and clear up
  • Louisa, Dave & Rosie for help setting up and face painting
  • Sian & Nandan for setting up and clearing up and children’s crafts
  • Aoife Thorogood and Cathy for the kids den building and wood craft
  • Will Fear for announcements
  • Anita Jones and Bernie Thorogood for the door
  • The Archers
  • Tony Chau for the photography 
  • Sheila’s crew for the tombola
  • Rhoda Badman for the icecreams 
  • Tom Danning

Including the committee, that’s a team of roughy 50 folks who helped make the day what it was.

7. Theale Show 2022

1. Unanimously agreed to hold a show in 2022. Bill will formally seek permission from the Bodley’s and Badmans for loan of their land and the Church.
2. After discussion agreed to hire a marquee again.
3. Agreed that this year’s format to be repeated, with tweaks to be discussed throughout the year.
4. Date agreed as the first Saturday in September and to start at 2.30 again.
5. Road crossing to be provided during the day but it was agreed this doesn’t need to carry on into the evening. However we do need to think about the issue of the road.

8. The Constitutional Changes

1. It was unanimously agreed to modify Clause 37 of the constitution to allow Theale Show’s funds to be used for other village causes, subject to the conditions set out in the proposal.
2. It was agreed to make a change from ‘Patrons’ to ‘Friends’ of the show.

9. Any Other Business
1. It was agreed to try and secure a couple of big sponsors, rather than a lot of small ones, to help pay for the prize money.
2. Sheila Badman thanked the Theale Show for putting on the bar at the wake for Edwin.
3. Andy & Anthony, Shaun, Louisa and Cathy all agreed to join the committee to help throughout the year.
4. Agreed to form a publicity group to try and widen the catchment area.

NEXT AGM MEETING - 14th November 2022

NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING - 9th February 2022

The meeting closed at 9.50pm