Welcome to Theale Show!

Meeting Notes from 9th February

Competition & Entries

Confirm entry classes and schedule for this year’s show  156 classes last year. We need to get together for ideas for updating classes: Cathy B, Lesley, Jackie and Cathy W to meet Tuesday 8th March at 8 o’clock at the Butterworths .


The size last year was fine for the entries. Lesley and Yvonne enquired about having their own tent for teas with an area for tables. The sun was hot with insufficient cover provided by the gazebo, so they need something with a bit more cover in future.  Space and the lack of the use of the hall due to Covid was an issue but this may not be a problem next year. BW Bill to check prices of tents for this year, as Jackie said they had gone up in price since Covid. Could we have a bigger tent with all the entries in one place? Bill said he would enquire, although space is an issue within the orchard because of the trees. There seemed to be a lack of tables so possibly source more tables or add to the order.

Show Day

Everyone thought it worked really well. Starting at 2.30pm was agreed to be better.  Everyone agreed there was no need to reinstate the King and Queen of the show, which wasn’t missed this year. Discussion about fee for the evening to cover the cost of the band. Suggested those arriving after 6pm to be charged £5? Although we lost £1000 last year that is usual.  ecided that keeping pricing low for the first few years would build up a following. It was agreed to use wrist bands - Cathy & Phil B have lots so we can use them. 


Decided that the price of road crossing people was a big issue in terms of saving money. Think about barriers and manning it ourselves at the end of the night. Yvonne - agreed to book attendants from 2 - 7pm - 2 people Electronic Payment
TFS has one device but possibly we need another one. It was agreed that this could increase spending of visitors?


Julia Skinner is going to try and recruit more friends - Peter and Dorothy Wright, David & Sue Sproat?


Message from Clare Ham that she has decided to stand down, so somebody needed to do the lunch. Julia Skinner to come up with another solution, but it was agreed that this is a huge task, due to limited space etc. Lunches usually catered for about 60 guests. Think of another way to organise the Lunch especially as trying to cater for possibly more friends. Everyone to think about it.


Phil Butterworth added everyone to the What’s App group.  Bill still needs to contact those not on WA

Social Events

  • Zoom quiz - advertising on Website and What’s App group 
  • Queen’s Jubilee Village Event - Sunday 5th June - Big Jubilee Celebration. All village groups to work together to celebrate. Lesley to lead communication between groups and Anthony to leaflet. Bill to do a bar, which would fund free food (Ploughman’s,  tea and cakes etc) Activities for the day need to be decided.

Next meeting: Wednesday 27th April 2022